Seaside Desire Novels

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The Literary Ladies #1

The Prodigal’s Desire

Release date: October 8, 2020

An introverted bookseller fearful of losing all she holds dear.

Victoria Hathaway has worked hard to establish a thriving business along Newport Harbor and is proud of her strong roots in “The City by the Sea. She’ll never willingly sign over her inheritance—the multi-generation colonial home that stands in the way of the building of a 5-star resort community. Even if that means she must battle the powerful Santana Construction Company’s continuous attempts to seize her land.

Sexually aroused by the enemy, the stakes are high.

Henry finds it impossible to stay away from the shy but sexy Victoria. Sparks fly when Victoria meets the handsome stranger until she discovers he’s the one who is threatening to take her land. Desperate and determined, Victoria struggles to save her home and her livelihood while ignoring her growing attraction for the man who threatens to destroy it all.

The Literary Ladies #2

Forever His Desire

Release date: October 2021

A Man Bound by Duty.

Since the age of twelve, Andre Jenkins has had two desires—to uphold the law and to marry Jennifer Jordan. Compassionate, conscientious, and committed, honor means everything. Now, a Newport Police Officer, Andre’s on the cusp of having it all.

A Woman Imprisoned by Her Past.

Abandoned at an early age, Jennifer Jordan is a master at guarding her heart. Sharp-tongued, street-smart, and self-sufficient, vulnerability isn’t an option. The co-owner of the Literary Ladies Book Nook and Café in Newport, Rhode Island, Jennifer believed she’d overcome her tragic past.

Each Struggling to Make a Life-Altering Decision.

Faced with an unthinkable ultimatum, Andre gambles with his future. Forced to acknowledge her demons, Jennifer fights a destructive addiction.

Will Jennifer Remain Forever His Desire?

The O’Halloran’s #1

A Date With Desire

Release Date: October 2022

Blake Norman—Newport, Rhode Island’s Devilish Playboy.

Arrogant, cocky and definitely misunderstood Blake Norman wasn’t a man to recon with. He’d loved a woman once, but he’d be damned to make that mistake again. All it had gotten him was a messy divorce and a lifetime of loneliness.

Katie O’Halloran—The City by the Sea’s Sweetheart.

Soft and gentle, Katie O’Halloran was tired of being suffocated by her over-protective brothers. She’d escaped her confines once, but suffered a heavy price. Now deeply scared from her experience living abroad, she’s consumed with the tragic events of one night.

Hell, Hath No Fury Like a Philanderer Enamored by an Innocent.

Will love conquer all for a jaded police officer and a young college student? Sometimes fate steps in and provides a second chance. Will these two broken souls fine salvation when they surrender to A Date with Desire?

The O’Halloran’s #2

Ms. Carrington’s Desire

Release Date: May 2023

Helen Carrington—A Wealthy Heiress with a Scandalous Secret.

Helen Carrington enjoys indulging with the opposite sex. The only child born to a billionaire; she accepted the fate bestowed upon those born into great wealth long ago–a lifetime of insincerity, false friends, and greed. Lonely for the one person she’s ever loved, Helen must decide if she will expose the hidden truth that could drastically change their lives forever.

Liam O’Halloran—An Entrepreneur with a Passion for Pleasure.

Liam O’Halloran works hard and plays harder. The second son born to Irish immigrants, he’s been underestimated and overlooked most of his life. Committed to the success of his inheritance, O’Halloran’s Pub located in popular, downtown Newport, Rhode Island, Liam is determined to revive his failing business.

When a cougar offers a bad boy the opportunity of a life-time, a battle of wills erupts.

The O’Halloran’s #3

Danger, Deceit & Desire

Release Date: October 2023

Shane O’Halloran—Saint or Sinner?

Gruff, out-spoken and savage, Shane O’Halloran is content living a life of solitude. After selling off his share of O’Halloran’s Irish Pub in historic Newport, Rhode Island, he thought he’d finally escaped his torrid past. Ensnared in a criminal lawsuit, Shane’s secrets come crashing back into focus, forcing him to revisit his demons.

Marissa Sousa—Responsible or Reckless?

Intelligent, serious, and soft-hearted, Marissa Sousa is on a mission to help people. Married to her job as a social worker, she doesn’t have time to engage in a social life. Determined to improve the lives of others, Marissa struggles to accept that she cannot save everyone. Especially, herself.

Two Unlikely Souls Unite.

Although Shane and Marissa take an instant dislike to each other, they’re equally dedicated to justice. To avenge the death of an innocent baby, they’ll have to forgo their differences to catch a killer. But will they be able to quench their mutual lust amid Danger, Deceit and Desire?