Steamy Stories (1)


Author: Stacey Kennedy

Pub Date: June 5, 2018

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Romance: Contemporary Romance


Emma Monroe rsz_dirty_talking_cowboy-1-1isn’t looking for love. After her grandmother’s death, she has relocated to Colorado. Now responsible for a farm of abused animals, Emma hopes to heal from her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal.

Shep Blackshaw doesn’t have time for a relationship. But when presented with an agreement of sex with no strings attached from Emma, he is reluctant to refuse. Perhaps, little dirty talk and a whole lot of kinky sex are just what they both need.

My Thoughts:

This contemporary romance was mega-hot. The chemistry between Shep Blackshaw and Emma Moore was electric. I fell in love with the characters. Emma’s vulnerability made my heart melt. Wounded and questioning everything, Shep was just the man she needed. His intuitive nature and ability to understand Emma made me swoon. And let’s face it, a handsome, successful, sexy cowboy with a heart is always a winner for me.

I enjoyed the story but didn’t become invested until about a quarter of the way in. The sexual tension was there from the beginning. If I could change something, it would be the build-up. It felt slightly rushed at first. However, it was an interesting story, and the romance was on fire.




Author: Minerva Spencer

Pub Date: June 26, 2018

Publisher: Kensington Books

Romance: Historical Romance


36337268Euphemia “Mia” Marlington has spent seventeen years co-existing in a harem after being captured by Corsairs. Now back in London, she is under constant scrutiny over her mysterious past. Pressured by her father to choose a husband, Mia is surprised to find herself enthralled by the notorious Adam de Courtney.

The Duke of Carlise, Adam de Courtney is an enigma. Rumored to have killed not one but two wives, he is shunned by society. Intrigued by the scandalous secrets of London’s most-recent outcast, Adam agrees to marry the beauty.

My thoughts:

DANGEROUS is the first novel published by Minerva Spencer. If her next novel is as sensual and exotic as this one, I’m sure to become a lifelong fan. Set in London and Africa, the descriptive setting was a character in itself. Ms. Spencer’s clever ability to weave tidbits of information made me eager to uncover more of this fascinating story. It was a page-turner from start to finish.

Happy Reading!

*I received an ARC copy of both novels and was happy to give my honest review.

Holy S**t!

TURN AND BURN is hot! As you can tell, I’m a bit charged up over this scorching read. Explicitly sexy, this sizzling romance between veterinarian, August Fletcher and world-champion barrel racer, Tanna Barker makes me want to pack my bags and find myself a cowboy. Giddy up!Turn-and-Burn-2-200x300 (1)

I had no idea what a gem I was about to uncover when I discovered this romance. Written by Lorelei James, known for her ultra-fine cowboys and the free-spirited women who love them, this story is a winner. TURN AND BURN is the fifth installment in the popular Western series, Blacktop Cowboys. I don’t know about Ms. James other works, but if all her stories are as steamy and sensual as TURN AND BURN, I’m going to have to devote one of my bookshelves exclusively to her novels. What I particularly loved about this romance was that it wasn’t just a wham bam thank you mame, get off your rocks story. It contained depth and a genuine tried and true love story that literally melts the reader’s heart.

I’m going to offer a very brief synopsis. August Fletcher was married to his job, content to settle for meaningless one-night stands until he met the feisty, Tanna Barker. Recovering from a career ending injury, Tanna has had a rough couple of years losing not only her career but her money and her family. Unsure of what direction to take, she agrees to a temporary position working for her friend’s husband. After what was supposed to be a one-night stand between two unnamed strangers, August and Tanna met unexpectedly and the sparks continue to fly.

I’m not going to say anymore. Go out and get yourself a copy of this novel. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy reading!