Excerpt from Forever His Desire, The Literary Ladies Book 2, A Seaside Desire Novel

“This is a warm-up, Blue Eyes. The real exercise comes later.” Andre pulled her chair out, taking her hand in hers and lead her onto the dance floor. Jennifer laughed raucously as Andre pulled her flush against his chest. He hummed the melody against her ear, his erection straining through the fabric of his pants as they swayed to the music. “Is this evidence enough that sex is better than food or would you like for me to prove it,” he asked, pressing his groin against her belly.

Forever His Desire Available October 2021

“It is rather impressive evidence future husband. But I need to be convinced without a reasonable doubt.” Jennifer peered up, a coy smile creeping across her face.

Andre tightened his arms around her, hugging Jennifer closer. “Meet me in the men’s bathroom in five-minutes.”

Her heart skipped a beat. “Here?” Jennifer asked feigning shock.

Andre chuckled deeply. “You look fine as fuck in that dress. I’m hard as a rock and it’s your fault for looking so damn sexy.”