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Who doesn’t love a handsome, sensitive cowboy? In Cowboy, Cross My Heart, author Donna Grant has penned a hero who will simply melt your heart. Kind, compassionate, 38838598protective and oh, so handsome, Brice Harper is one cowboy who is hard to forget.

Naomi Pierce never thought she’d find herself being stalked by a group of powerful men. Smart, brave, sexy and beautiful, Naomi refuses to back down in her pursuit to expose the group of bullies who have harassed and assaulted the ladies who vie for the title of Rodeo Queen. 

Sexual chemistry is quickly replaced by love, when Brice comes to the aid of Naomi. Together, along with Brice’s family, they track down a group of killers while their lives are changed forever.

Cowboy, Cross My Heart is book two in Donna Grant’s Heart of Texas series.

*I received an ARC copy of this novel and was happy to share my opinion.


The first book I’ve read by Kylie Scott and definitely, not the last. 

25671827Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions. A day where two souls pledge their love and fidelity before their family and friends. For most people, that is the case–not for Lydia Green. Moments before she was to say “I do,” a video of her soon-to-be-husband in an uncompromising position appeared anonymously on her cell phone. 

Vaughan Hewson hadn’t expected to find a disheveled run-away bride crying in his bathtub, but then again, life had certainly thrown him some curve balls. Sexually attracted to the stranger and rather intrigued, Vaughn had no idea he’d just met the one woman who would claim his heart.

Dirty is book one in the Dive Bar Series written by Kylie Scott. It’s so good. So raw. So emotional. So funny. And..oh so dirty! Vaughn and Lydia’s chemistry is combustible. This story will keep you up at night eager to find out what will happen next. The characters are screwed up and dysfunctional, yet totally loveable. I can’t say enough good about this contemporary romance. It had it all.

Happy Reading!


Author: Anna Bennett

Pub Date: January 2, 2018

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Romance: Historical Romance


In THE ROGUE IS BACK IN TOWN, Lord Samuel Travis epitomizes naughtiness. Especially, after a night of excess finds him in the bed with his neighbor’s wife. Disgraced for the last time, his older brother has him forcefully removed from the familial home with nothing but the clothes on his back. 514231FA0SL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_After agreeing to his brother’s sinister motivation, Sam finds himself on the doorstep of one-time wallflower, Juliette Lacey and her eccentric uncle. Beautiful and determined, Juliette’s love for her uncle pits her in the middle of a love triangle between herself, Sam and his conniving brother. Tormented with the possibility that her uncle doesn’t own the worn-down town house they reside in Juliette must decipher between a web of lies.

My Thoughts:

I enjoy Anna Bennett’s romances. THE ROGUE IS BACK IN TOWN is the third book in the Wayward Wallflower series featuring three sisters who find love and happiness. Intelligent and sharp-tongued, Juliette Lacey is my favorite of the three sisters and Sam is a mess until he meets her. His attraction and need for Juliette provides readers an intimate look into the making of a man. His heart on the line, Sam’s vulnerability is truly swoon worthy.

Happy Reading!

***I received an ARC copy of this novel and was happy to give my honest review.


Saturday afternoon, I reclined in front of the fan with this week’s Novel Review pick, TOWARD THE SUNRISE. Written by Elizabeth Camden, this novella was pure joy. Ms. Camden’s use of the English language delighted me with the melodic beauty of her prose. Her eloquent voice told a Christian romance that not only was entertaining, but awe-inspiring. TOWARD THE SUNRISE was not a sizzling hot page turner-it was simplistic bliss. Happy Reading!images


Having spent her youth, reading Marco Polo and dreaming of travels to the Far East, Julia Broeder has always wanted to be a missionary doctor. A split-second decision, threatened her dream when she found herself expelled from college six months prior to her graduation.

Ashton Carlye had always been intrigued by the groundskeeper’s daughter who shared his passion for Marco Polo. Responsible and loving, Ashton chose to care for his father instead of venturing into the Far East.

As a lawyer assigned by Julia’s benefactor, Mr. Vandermark, to ensure Julia’s future as a doctor, Ashton is determined to help Julia achieve her dream and complete her degree. An unusual turn of events finds them spending a week together in which Julia and Ashton form an unbreakable bond.