Bella Andre is the author of the popular Sullivan family. Featuring modern-day conflicts that readers can relate to, it is no wonder her contemporary romance series is a fan favorite. This Sunday, I’m featuring the introductory novella and first full-length novel in the Seattle Sullivan series. I hope you enjoy these smartly crafted stories. Happy Reading!

In, ONE PERFECT NIGHT, Colbie Michael’s life is about to change dramatically. It took a giant leap of faith to leave her responsible steady job to open the specialty store that she’d dreamed of for years. On a girl’s only weekend, Colbie is determined to conquer her fears and focus on healing her broken heart. She hadn’t planned on meeting handsome Noah Bryant. The chemistry is undeniable between them and neither Colbie nor Noah can resist their burning attraction.

In, THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT, private investigator, Rafe Sullivan is jaded by the slew of cheaters he deals with on a daily basis. After purchasing the vacation home that once belonged to his family, he takes a much-needed leave of absence from his business. However, Rafe hadn’t been prepared for what he would encounter. His new home was in shambles and the cute little girl next door had grown into a voluptuous woman. Brook Jansen was thrilled to learn that Rafe Sullivan had returned to his family’ old stomping grounds. For as long as she could remember, she’d been head-over-heels in love with her friend’s brother. It was only natural for her to offer to help Rafe refurbish his home and allow him to sleep on her couch. Convincing Rafe to teach her to be kinky wasn’t quiet as easy as she’d hoped.

Alec MacDara is the type of alpha male that women swoon over. Tall, dark, and handsome, the successful businessman possesses a tender heart 33979614beneath his gruff exterior. As owner of Highland Life and Legends, an authentic Scottish theme park located in North Carolina, Alec melds old-world traditions with modern-day conveniences. He also harbours a secret…he was born centuries earlier. Transported into the 20th century, his main priority is to protect the Hearthstone.

Why would the out-of-her league Scottish proprietor request that Sadie Williams become his personal assistant as a condition for his approval of her sister, Delia’s, film crew to work on his property? Sadie reluctantly consents to Alec MacDara’s terms. Evil and malicious, her sister will destroy her opportunity to become a writer if she doesn’t agree.

What I enjoyed about SADIES HIGHLANDER, book one in the Highland Protector series, was that author, Maeve Greyson, strayed from the typical romance heroine. Instead, she penned Sadie, a size 16 heroine, who in her vulnerability is weighed down with self-doubt. Throughout their journey, Alec not only worships Sadie, he helps her discover that she is worthy and loveable. This message is often overlooked giving many women and girls a misconstrued idea of love. Alec loved Sadie inside and out. I was given an advanced copy of this novel by the publisher. I’m happy I read it and I do recommend it to others. My one criticism, which is my personal preference, was that I felt there could have been more of a sexual build up between Sadie and Alec. Their attraction was evident from the moment their eyes locked. However, their sexual tension was sated early on and that didn’t leave me, as the reader, agonizing over when they’d begin their love affair.  

Happy Reading!


BLACKTHORNE’S BRIDE, book four of the Mail-Order Brides series, offers a drama filled opening chapter sure to entice its readers. Author, Joan Johnston penned this love story which spans over two continents. Loaded with detail rich character descriptions, Ms. Johnston’s emphasis on the importance of family was a key component to this novel. I feel honored to have been selected as an advanced copy reader of this novel and am happy to recommend it to all readers of romance.28109797


Marcus Wharton, Duke of Blackthorne, rescued Josie Wentworth from a violent attack. After nursing her back to health while traveling across the ocean to his home in England, he developed an obsession with the unrecognizable stranger.

For two years, Josie Wentworth has served as the maid-of-all at the Duke of Blackthorne’s seldom visited estate. When she receives notice that she has gained a large inheritance, she decides to return to her family in America and assures the neglected nephews of the duke that she will return for them.

Fate intervenes when Josie learns of the Duke of Blackthorne’s necessity to marry an America heiress. Becoming the duke’s wife will give her legal authority, as the aunt, to rescue the children. However, keeping her identity secret is no easy task.

What draws me to Joel Osteen is his optimism. His charisma is catchy lending his words to inspire. I listened to this audio recording on my Nook as I was preparing for work each day. I found that when I arrived at my desk each morning, I was freshly invigorated. 29743573I felt victorious regardless of the any obstacles I encountered throughout my day.

Mr. Osteen’s, BREAK OUT, does not offer any mind-boggling light bulb moments. Instead, it offers a simplistic easily obtainable outlook on life. I highly recommend this audio recording because I believe it will make your day brighter. Couldn’t we all use a fresh perspective from time-to-time?

Happy Reading!

One woman…Two men…One’s a lover…One’s a friend…
This week, I have chosen MAKING HER MELT written by Amber Lin as the novel review selection This short erotic new adult novel offers its readers a sumptuous love triangle between three life-long friends. This quick read is full of emotional twist sand turns, sizzling sex and sensual desire.41cFPMEpdEL

For years Ethan has been in love with Lia. The only problem is she is his best-friend’s girlfriend. Unable to endure his role as a stand-in boyfriend a moment longer, he succumbs to an evening of forbidden pleasure. An evening he is quick to regret.

Lia thought she had her life mapped out. Great boyfriend. Perfect job. The only thing standing in her way was her feelings for Ethan, or at least that’s what she thought. With visions of a political career in mind, Chris, her live-in boyfriend expects her to leave it all behind. She can’t. She won’t.

MAKING HER MELT is, in my opinion, is a well-written account of how a single moment can change the lives of three friends. Happy Reading!

Saturday afternoon, I reclined in front of the fan with this week’s Novel Review pick, TOWARD THE SUNRISE. Written by Elizabeth Camden, this novella was pure joy. Ms. Camden’s use of the English language delighted me with the melodic beauty of her prose. Her eloquent voice told a Christian romance that not only was entertaining, but awe-inspiring. TOWARD THE SUNRISE was not a sizzling hot page turner-it was simplistic bliss. Happy Reading!images


Having spent her youth, reading Marco Polo and dreaming of travels to the Far East, Julia Broeder has always wanted to be a missionary doctor. A split-second decision, threatened her dream when she found herself expelled from college six months prior to her graduation.

Ashton Carlye had always been intrigued by the groundskeeper’s daughter who shared his passion for Marco Polo. Responsible and loving, Ashton chose to care for his father instead of venturing into the Far East.

As a lawyer assigned by Julia’s benefactor, Mr. Vandermark, to ensure Julia’s future as a doctor, Ashton is determined to help Julia achieve her dream and complete her degree. An unusual turn of events finds them spending a week together in which Julia and Ashton form an unbreakable bond.

Holy S**t!

TURN AND BURN is hot! As you can tell, I’m a bit charged up over this scorching read. Explicitly sexy, this sizzling romance between veterinarian, August Fletcher and world-champion barrel racer, Tanna Barker makes me want to pack my bags and find myself a cowboy. Giddy up!Turn-and-Burn-2-200x300 (1)

I had no idea what a gem I was about to uncover when I discovered this romance. Written by Lorelei James, known for her ultra-fine cowboys and the free-spirited women who love them, this story is a winner. TURN AND BURN is the fifth installment in the popular Western series, Blacktop Cowboys. I don’t know about Ms. James other works, but if all her stories are as steamy and sensual as TURN AND BURN, I’m going to have to devote one of my bookshelves exclusively to her novels. What I particularly loved about this romance was that it wasn’t just a wham bam thank you mame, get off your rocks story. It contained depth and a genuine tried and true love story that literally melts the reader’s heart.

I’m going to offer a very brief synopsis. August Fletcher was married to his job, content to settle for meaningless one-night stands until he met the feisty, Tanna Barker. Recovering from a career ending injury, Tanna has had a rough couple of years losing not only her career but her money and her family. Unsure of what direction to take, she agrees to a temporary position working for her friend’s husband. After what was supposed to be a one-night stand between two unnamed strangers, August and Tanna met unexpectedly and the sparks continue to fly.

I’m not going to say anymore. Go out and get yourself a copy of this novel. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy reading!