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Steamy Stories (1)


Author: Laurelin Paige

Published: March 2014

OMG! What a ride!

Well-written and thought out, Laurelin Paige penned an epic romance. The Fixed Trilogy focuses on the first three novels in the Fixed series featuring the addictively, captivating characters of Hudson Pierce and Alayna Withers. Set in New York, this modern tale is packed with unexpected twists and turns, and yes, villainesses, from start to finish. I was totally impressed with 51wBUehf1ALMs. Paige’s ability to write about mental illness with the clarity and empathy it deserves. She excelled at applying the weaknesses of two scarred characters into an inspiring battle to victory. I was completely swept away by this trilogy and still haven’t fully recovered from the discovery at the end of book three (No spoilers! You’ll have to find out for yourself.)

Happy reading!


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September’s Steamy Stories

Steamy Stories (1)

Who doesn’t love a handsome, sensitive cowboy? In Cowboy, Cross My Heart, author Donna Grant has penned a hero who will simply melt your heart. Kind, compassionate, 38838598protective and oh, so handsome, Brice Harper is one cowboy who is hard to forget.

Naomi Pierce never thought she’d find herself being stalked by a group of powerful men. Smart, brave, sexy and beautiful, Naomi refuses to back down in her pursuit to expose the group of bullies who have harassed and assaulted the ladies who vie for the title of Rodeo Queen. 

Sexual chemistry is quickly replaced by love, when Brice comes to the aid of Naomi. Together, along with Brice’s family, they track down a group of killers while their lives are changed forever.

Cowboy, Cross My Heart is book two in Donna Grant’s Heart of Texas series.

*I received an ARC copy of this novel and was happy to share my opinion.


The first book I’ve read by Kylie Scott and definitely, not the last. 

25671827Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions. A day where two souls pledge their love and fidelity before their family and friends. For most people, that is the case–not for Lydia Green. Moments before she was to say “I do,” a video of her soon-to-be-husband in an uncompromising position appeared anonymously on her cell phone. 

Vaughan Hewson hadn’t expected to find a disheveled run-away bride crying in his bathtub, but then again, life had certainly thrown him some curve balls. Sexually attracted to the stranger and rather intrigued, Vaughn had no idea he’d just met the one woman who would claim his heart.

Dirty is book one in the Dive Bar Series written by Kylie Scott. It’s so good. So raw. So emotional. So funny. And..oh so dirty! Vaughn and Lydia’s chemistry is combustible. This story will keep you up at night eager to find out what will happen next. The characters are screwed up and dysfunctional, yet totally loveable. I can’t say enough good about this contemporary romance. It had it all.

Happy Reading!