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Sizzling Holiday Romance

There was an easiness to his laughter that she found extremely attractive. “Want to hear a scary thought?” she asked boldly.

Henry positioned his chair beside her. His shoulders brushing hers, he leaned in closer. “Definitely.”

The warmth of his breath scorched her skin. Victoria closed her eyes, inhaling the heady mixture of wine and the scent of masculinity that was distinctly his own. So close. She willed herself not to place her mouth over his. She wanted to lick the sweetness from his lips. She swayed forward, lightheaded, and began to run her fingertip over the rim of her wine glass. “Maybe…”

“What?” His voice had become deeper, huskier.

Victoria lifted the glass to her lips, suddenly brazen as she grinned. “I shouldn’t tell you. Some things are best left unsaid.”

“You know you want to.” Henry’s dark blue eyes smoldered as he watched her lips curl over the thin rim of the wine glass.

As she sipped her wine, she now understood more clearly why Jennifer drank. The wine lessened her inhibitions. Releasing the inner seductress was exciting. Freed from her shell, Victoria cocked her head to one side, allowing a cascade of blonde hair to fall over one shoulder. “You aren’t the jerk I thought you were. I might even kind of like you.”

He cupped her chin, trailing his thumb over her lower lip. “That’s good to hear.”

Electricity jolted throughout her body, her breathing becoming labored. “It is?” Instinctively, her lips parted, needy for his taste.

Henry spoke in a hushed whisper, “It’s very good.”

“Why?” Victoria whispered.

“Because…I might kind of like you.” His lips hovered mere inches from hers. “A lot.”

THE PRODIGAL’S DESIRE, The Literary Ladies Duet #1

A misunderstood millionaire with a playboy reputation.

An introverted bookseller fearful of losing all she holds dear.

Sexually aroused by the enemy, the stakes are high.

Henry finds it impossible to stay away from the shy but sexy Victoria. Sparks fly when Victoria meets the handsome stranger until she discovers he’s the one who is threatening to take her land. Desperate and determined, Victoria struggles to save her home and her livelihood while ignoring her growing attraction for the man who threatens to destroy it all.