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Forever His Desire

The Literary Ladies #2

A Seaside Desire Novel

A Man Bound by Duty.

Since the age of twelve, Andre Jenkins has had two desires—to uphold the law and to marry Jennifer Jordan. Compassionate, conscientious, and committed, honor means everything. Now, a Newport Police Officer, Andre’s on the cusp of having it all.

A Woman Imprisoned by Her Past.

Abandoned at an early age, Jennifer Jordan is a master at guarding her heart. Sharp-tongued, street-smart, and self-sufficient, vulnerability isn’t an option. The co-owner of the Literary Ladies Book Nook and Café in Newport, Rhode Island, Jennifer believed she’d overcome her tragic past.

Each Struggling to Make a Life-Altering Decision.

Faced with an unthinkable ultimatum, Andre gambles with his future. Forced to acknowledge her demons, Jennifer fights a destructive addiction.

Will Jennifer Remain Forever His Desire?