Reese’s Bride written by Kat Martin


Author: Kat Martin

Pub Date: December 29, 2009

Publisher: MIRA

Romance: Historical Romance


Inexperienced and in love, Reese Dewar and Elizabeth Clemens share a night of passion neither of them shall forget. On a quest for adventure, Reese departs with the military and suffers the ultimate betrayal—Elizabeth, the woman he intended to marry has wedded another.

Only 18-years old, Elizabeth finds herself pregnant and alone. The boy she loves is far from home. Once her father learns of her condition, she’s forced to marry the abusive Earl of Aldridge

After the death of her husband, Elizabeth is at the mercy of her in-laws. Faced with the threat of danger, Elizabeth turns to the one man she knows can protect her and her young son—Reese Dewar.

My Thoughts:

6889572You simply cannot go wrong with a book written by the amazingly talented Kat Martin. The second novel in The Bride Trilogy, Reese’s Bride, is richly layered in emotion. Both Reese and Elizabeth suffered greatly from a single night of passion. Yet, they’ve remained deeply in love. Reunited as adults, they each battle their own internal conflicts over their pasts.

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