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Author: Opal Carew

Pub Date: April 15, 2013

Publisher: St. Martin Griffin

Romance: Erotic


After a night of betrayal, Kate wanted Matthew out of her life for good. The move from New York to Connecticut was supposed to make her forget her desire to yield to Matthew’s command. imagesHowever, even a new apartment, new group of friends and the owner of a new business, Kate is tormented by her yearnings to be a submissive. When she accepts an invitation to meet with a potential financial backer for her company, she is forced to face the past. Can she really form a business partnership with her ex-dominant?

My thoughts:

Well-known for her erotic romances, Opal Carew excels at writing a torrid story of sexual domination. Any reader that enjoys second chance romance may want to consider HIS TO COMMAND. Hot. Steamy. Sinful. HIS TO COMMAND is a story about redemption and the emotional journey to trust again.

Happy Reading!