Cowboy Stole My Heart written by Soraya Lane


Author: Soraya Lane

Pub. Date: January 2, 2018

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press-

Romance: Contemporary


COWBOY STOLE MY HEART is a sexy contemporary romance written by Soraya Lane. 51AEhEvzuEL._SY346_Famous for his excellence as a horse trainer, Sam Mendes agrees to a challenging job opportunity offered by a billionaire ranch owner to train a difficult horse owned by his beautiful daughter, Mia Ford. Sam is sure that Mia is just a spoiled wealthy young woman who has an affinity with horses. However, after observing the prize-winning horsewoman at work, Sam learns that Mia may just be the woman he’s always dreamed of. If only, he hadn’t vowed never to fall in love again, he’d be able to confess his love for Mia.

Working with Sam Mendes was a dream come true for Mia except she can’t stand the man. She has a change of heart as she watches his gentle nature with Tex. Emotionally wounded from the tragic accident of her best-friend, the loss of her mother, and the men who pursued her for all the wrong reasons, Mia has given up on marriage and children. When their mutual attraction can no longer be denied, Mia proposes a no-strings attached affair.

My Thoughts:

Emotional and heartwarming the love story between Sam and Mia is one readers won’t want to miss. The chemistry between the characters is off-the-charts and the pages sizzle with their desire.

***I received an ARC copy of this novel and was happy to give my honest review.