Novel Review: With This Christmas Ring written by Manda Collins


Author: Manda Collins

Release date: October 3, 2017

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Romance: Historical


When I think of the novels I’ve had the privilege to read written by Manda Collins, the first word that comes to mind is heartwarming. Ms. Collins latest, WITH THIS CHRISTMAS RING, is no different. A story of undying love and redemption, it features Alex Ponsonby, Viscount of Wrotham and his unexpected reunion with his ex-fiancé Merry Parks.

Determined to reclaim his relationship with Merry, Alex agrees to assist Merry in fulfilling a deathbed promise to reunite her best-friend’s orphaned daughter with her father–Alex’s cousin, William. Alex’s shrewd grandmother’s manipulation of their broken relationship was put to the test when she invites two appropriate marriageable ladies of a ton for the holidays in an attempt to extinguish the love that transpires regardless of their five-year separation.

My thoughts:

I believe Manda Collins did a wonderful job relaying the difficulties of falling in love with someone who society deems not to be your equal. As the reader, I could relate to Merry’s shame and feelings of unworthiness. I also was able to connect with Alex’s need to find out why Merry jilted him and his anger that his own family member was to blame. Injustice and discrimination were at the heart of this story and I applaud Ms. Collins ability to transfer that into an aspiring love story. I would recommend this historical romance to anyone who adores the holiday season and routing for the underdog. In my opinion, it is mildly sensual and leaves the reader with the warm, fuzzy feeling that love conquers all.

Happy Reading!

***I received an ARC copy of this novel and was happy to give my honest review***