Novel Review: Afterburn/Aftershock by Sylvia Day

AFTERBURN/AFTERSHOCK is a contemporary romance overflowing with intense passion. Available individually or as a conveniently combined book bundle, readers will delight in this powerfully seductive romance. Believe me-you won’t want to put this sizzler down.

AFTERBURN/AFTERSHOCK features the story of Gianna Rossi, a strong-willed businesswoman determined to make a name for herself. A lot changed for Gianna in two short years-she’d obtained her dream job and she’d lost hope in ever laying her eyes on Jackson “Jax” Rutledge again. SylviaDay_2n1-284x450On the cusp of securing a major network deal, Gianna’s job is in peril after Jax walks in on her business deal. Sparks fly and their chemistry oozes off the page.

Not only do I believe Sylvia Day is a master storyteller, but apparently, Passionflix does, as well. If you’ve never heard of this movie channel that features romances based on popular best-sellers, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a romance lover’s dream come true. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. In the few short months since its inception, Passionflix has produced both AFTERBURN/AFTERSHOCK and HOLLYWOOD DIRT, penned by Alessandra Torre.

Regardless if you read or watch AFTERBURN/AFTERSHOCK, this love story is 5-stars all the way. My advice would be to enjoy the juicy read and then indulge in the steamy video version. How can you possibly resist double the deliciousness?

Happy reading! Happy viewing!