Novel Review: One Perfect Night and The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre

Bella Andre is the author of the popular Sullivan family. Featuring modern-day conflicts that readers can relate to, it is no wonder her contemporary romance series is a fan favorite. This Sunday, I’m featuring the introductory novella and first full-length novel in the Seattle Sullivan series. I hope you enjoy these smartly crafted stories. Happy Reading!

In, ONE PERFECT NIGHT, Colbie Michael’s life is about to change dramatically. It took a giant leap of faith to leave her responsible steady job to open the specialty store that she’d dreamed of for years. On a girl’s only weekend, Colbie is determined to conquer her fears and focus on healing her broken heart. She hadn’t planned on meeting handsome Noah Bryant. The chemistry is undeniable between them and neither Colbie nor Noah can resist their burning attraction.

In, THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT, private investigator, Rafe Sullivan is jaded by the slew of cheaters he deals with on a daily basis. After purchasing the vacation home that once belonged to his family, he takes a much-needed leave of absence from his business. However, Rafe hadn’t been prepared for what he would encounter. His new home was in shambles and the cute little girl next door had grown into a voluptuous woman. Brook Jansen was thrilled to learn that Rafe Sullivan had returned to his family’ old stomping grounds. For as long as she could remember, she’d been head-over-heels in love with her friend’s brother. It was only natural for her to offer to help Rafe refurbish his home and allow him to sleep on her couch. Convincing Rafe to teach her to be kinky wasn’t quiet as easy as she’d hoped.