Novel Review…Sadie’s Highlander written by Maeve Greyson

Alec MacDara is the type of alpha male that women swoon over. Tall, dark, and handsome, the successful businessman possesses a tender heart 33979614beneath his gruff exterior. As owner of Highland Life and Legends, an authentic Scottish theme park located in North Carolina, Alec melds old-world traditions with modern-day conveniences. He also harbours a secret…he was born centuries earlier. Transported into the 20th century, his main priority is to protect the Hearthstone.

Why would the out-of-her league Scottish proprietor request that Sadie Williams become his personal assistant as a condition for his approval of her sister, Delia’s, film crew to work on his property? Sadie reluctantly consents to Alec MacDara’s terms. Evil and malicious, her sister will destroy her opportunity to become a writer if she doesn’t agree.

What I enjoyed about SADIES HIGHLANDER, book one in the Highland Protector series, was that author, Maeve Greyson, strayed from the typical romance heroine. Instead, she penned Sadie, a size 16 heroine, who in her vulnerability is weighed down with self-doubt. Throughout their journey, Alec not only worships Sadie, he helps her discover that she is worthy and loveable. This message is often overlooked giving many women and girls a misconstrued idea of love. Alec loved Sadie inside and out. I was given an advanced copy of this novel by the publisher. I’m happy I read it and I do recommend it to others. My one criticism, which is my personal preference, was that I felt there could have been more of a sexual build up between Sadie and Alec. Their attraction was evident from the moment their eyes locked. However, their sexual tension was sated early on and that didn’t leave me, as the reader, agonizing over when they’d begin their love affair.  

Happy Reading!