Novel Review… The Red by Tiffany Reisz

Curiosity kills the cat. Or, in my case, prevents sleep. The reason? I cannot possibly rest when I haven’t learned the outcome of a stimulating story. And, let me tell you my fellow introverts, this book is a roller-coaster on the taboo train. Toot-toot! Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

In all honesty, I’m a lover of historical and contemporary romance. I relish the kinky and even the unspeakable. However, I crave the intimate experience of two unlikely people unable to resist their attraction. That moment when they submit to their mutual passions not only gives me a high, it makes me feel hopeful that love exists. 30755704That bond is what makes the sensually explicit come to life for me. Why am I saying this? I say this because erotic romance is not in my wheel house. And no, I’m not a prude. It’s simply that I don’t feel the same heart-wrenching connection with erotic romance as I do with historical and contemporary.

I’m sure by now you must be wondering why I decided to review THE RED. The answer is I’d read a wonderful review of the book that piqued my interest and I applied to read the book based on that individuals review. I was not disappointed, either. Ms. Reisz couldn’t have done a better job of penning an erotic journey of sexual exploits. She included a mysterious element that keep me glued to the page. Her detail-oriented writing style made me feel as if I were a voyeur. If you are looking for the ultimate escape, read THE RED. In my opinion, this lust-filled erotic adventure will keep you up at night with its over-the-top sinful fantasies.

Happy reading!


Mona Lisa St. James is balancing on the edge of financial ruin after inheriting her mother’s art gallery. When a mysterious stranger offers to save the gallery in exchange for a year of cart blanch sexual exploits with Mona, she agrees to become his whore. It isn’t long before the handsome Englishman has Mona submitting to his every desire.