Novel Review… Blackthorne’s Bride by Joan Johnston

BLACKTHORNE’S BRIDE, book four of the Mail-Order Brides series, offers a drama filled opening chapter sure to entice its readers. Author, Joan Johnston penned this love story which spans over two continents. Loaded with detail rich character descriptions, Ms. Johnston’s emphasis on the importance of family was a key component to this novel. I feel honored to have been selected as an advanced copy reader of this novel and am happy to recommend it to all readers of romance.28109797


Marcus Wharton, Duke of Blackthorne, rescued Josie Wentworth from a violent attack. After nursing her back to health while traveling across the ocean to his home in England, he developed an obsession with the unrecognizable stranger.

For two years, Josie Wentworth has served as the maid-of-all at the Duke of Blackthorne’s seldom visited estate. When she receives notice that she has gained a large inheritance, she decides to return to her family in America and assures the neglected nephews of the duke that she will return for them.

Fate intervenes when Josie learns of the Duke of Blackthorne’s necessity to marry an America heiress. Becoming the duke’s wife will give her legal authority, as the aunt, to rescue the children. However, keeping her identity secret is no easy task.