Historical Romance (Spicy)

Don’t even think about it! Simply log onto your computer and click on your favorite bookseller or jump in your vehicle and drive as fast as you can to your nearest retailer. Then head straight to the romance department to purchase your copy of ADDICTED TO THE DUKE.

ADDICTED TO THE DUKE, book one in the Imperfect Lords series written by Bronwen Evans was a seductively wicked delight from start to finish. Full of action and adventure on the high seas, this love story is beyond compare. Ms. Evans penned a compelling romance featuring a hero, Alexander Sylvester Bracken, Duke of Bedford who harbors a terrible secret. After being captured and held captive by a Turkish pirate, he developed an addiction that could possibly lead to ruin.

Lady Hestia Cary fell in love with Alex when he saved her from the same Turkish pirate that set out to ruin him. Six years later, she enlists his help in finding her missing father. To keep Hestia safe, she must travel the Mediterranean in the guise of a man with Alex, the only man she desires.

Ms. Evans approached the issue of opium abuse in a realistic, sensitive, and understanding fashion. I found myself rooting for Alex to overcome his demons. I was so invested in the outcome of Alex and Hestia’s romance that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, unable to sleep until I reached the dramatic end.

Happy Reading!