Novel Review…

One woman…Two men…One’s a lover…One’s a friend…
This week, I have chosen MAKING HER MELT written by Amber Lin as the novel review selection This short erotic new adult novel offers its readers a sumptuous love triangle between three life-long friends. This quick read is full of emotional twist sand turns, sizzling sex and sensual desire.41cFPMEpdEL

For years Ethan has been in love with Lia. The only problem is she is his best-friend’s girlfriend. Unable to endure his role as a stand-in boyfriend a moment longer, he succumbs to an evening of forbidden pleasure. An evening he is quick to regret.

Lia thought she had her life mapped out. Great boyfriend. Perfect job. The only thing standing in her way was her feelings for Ethan, or at least that’s what she thought. With visions of a political career in mind, Chris, her live-in boyfriend expects her to leave it all behind. She can’t. She won’t.

MAKING HER MELT is, in my opinion, is a well-written account of how a single moment can change the lives of three friends. Happy Reading!

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