Novel Review…

Saturday afternoon, I reclined in front of the fan with this week’s Novel Review pick, TOWARD THE SUNRISE. Written by Elizabeth Camden, this novella was pure joy. Ms. Camden’s use of the English language delighted me with the melodic beauty of her prose. Her eloquent voice told a Christian romance that not only was entertaining, but awe-inspiring. TOWARD THE SUNRISE was not a sizzling hot page turner-it was simplistic bliss. Happy Reading!images


Having spent her youth, reading Marco Polo and dreaming of travels to the Far East, Julia Broeder has always wanted to be a missionary doctor. A split-second decision, threatened her dream when she found herself expelled from college six months prior to her graduation.

Ashton Carlye had always been intrigued by the groundskeeper’s daughter who shared his passion for Marco Polo. Responsible and loving, Ashton chose to care for his father instead of venturing into the Far East.

As a lawyer assigned by Julia’s benefactor, Mr. Vandermark, to ensure Julia’s future as a doctor, Ashton is determined to help Julia achieve her dream and complete her degree. An unusual turn of events finds them spending a week together in which Julia and Ashton form an unbreakable bond.