Novel Review…

This Sunday, I’ve decided to stray a bit. Next week, I’ll be back to my old self recommending my latest hot romantic read. But in the meantime, it is my pleasure to share with you HUNGRY HEART, ADVENTURES IN LIFE, LOVE AND WRITING.

Honest, funny, and entertaining, HUNGRY HEART, is a fabulously penned work of non-fiction. This memoir written by New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer Weiner leaves nothing to the imagination. Ms. Weiner known for writing Chick Lit novels featuring overweight women who overcome their obstacles to become heroines in their own life stories, is truly an inspiration. Her first novel, GOOD IN BED, has recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. It is difficult for me to believe that I enjoyed this book all those years ago since I often channel my inner Cannie Shapiro, the heroine of GOOD IN BED. Like Cannie and now Jennifer Weiner, I’ve experienced the self-loathing of living in a beauty obsessed world. As I take my daily walk, I often think of Cannie and her journey to victory over her own life. Being overweight is not a life sentence to despise yourself. Through Ms. Weiner’s written words, I’ve learned that it’s okay to enjoy life, to balance the girly with the feminist parts of my personality, and always remain true to myself. She also made my heart swell as she discussed the eccentricities her family members. Don’t we all have silly stories that instead of pushing under the rug we should celebrate? If you’re a writer, maybe, Ms. Weiner will encourage you to use those experiences to create your own best-seller.

If you’re a woman, you need to read HUNGRY HEART. I know you’ll enjoy it. Happy reading!