This week’s book review is not for the bashful. It’s for the reader who flirts with what some consider to be taboo. TANGLED IN SIN is the fifth installment in the Bound and Determined series written by Lavinia Kent. Sizzling with sexual vice and erotic intrigue this page turner nearly scorches its pages.

Mistaken as the newest owner of a well-known London brothel, Cynthia Westhope, “Sin” is abducted from her walk home during a horrible rain storm. Left to fend for herself in a remote cabin, she welcomes the appearance of her best-friend’s brother, James Winters. Uncertain why someone would want to kidnap her, she assumes that James had found out that his sister was in danger and come to rescue her.

After staging a plan to force his sister to abandon her newest position as Madame Blanche, James is horrified to find the wrong woman residing in the cabin. Unable to cross the river, he relishes the thought of spending the evening with the luscious scantily clad woman.

Cold and wet Sin and James do the most obvious thing possible to keep warm-they sleep side-by-side. Plagued with innocent desire, Sin falls into an erotic dream in which James is ravishing her. But, it wasn’t a dream. Having taken her innocence, James is determined to wed her.

TANGLED IN SIN promises its readers a steamy hot aphrodisiac into the temptation of the forbidden. I consider myself lucky to have been chose to receive an advanced reader copy of this novel and am thrilled to recommend it. Happy reading!32287534