I admire the literary prose of Lisa Kleypas. In my opinion, she is the epitome of a historical romance writer. Reading a novel penned by her never disappoints. Ms. Kleypas has a talent for crafting a familial world that jumps off the page. Whether she is detailing the activities of a pig named Hamlet, you can meet him in COLD-HEARTED RAKE, the subject of this week’s review, or the bond between eccentric siblings, her expertise storytelling is a delightful escape.

COLD-HEARTED RAKE, is book one of her latest series, The Ravenels. Already, I’ve read this story released in 2015 by Avon books twice.

Unhappy, with the new responsibilities thrust upon him from inheriting an earldom from his cousin, Devon Ravenel has no intention of maintaining his newly acquired estate. Known for his exploits as a rake, he has little care for the well-being of his cousin’s widow, Kathleen, Lady Trenear or his three sisters. Of course, that quickly changes when he finds himself captivated with the guarded and outspoken Kathleen.

I’ve only written a brief synopsis because, like all of Lisa Kleypas stories, I found the characters to offer a treasure trove of complex emotions that make it a novel hard to put down. If I haven’t convinced you, yet, to read COLD-HEART RAKE, let me dangle a carrot. One of my all-time favorite character’s is Rhys Winterborne. You can get a sneak peek at his literary appeal with his introduction by Devon. I’ll expose more about Rhys later when I review book two in the series, MARRYING WINTERBORNE. Until then, happy reading!