Novel Review: Viscount of Vice by Shana Galen


Author, Shana Galen’s novella, VISCOUNT OF VICE is the first installment in the Covent Garden Cubs series. Within the dangerous slums of Regency-Era England, lives Robert Flynn, an opium-eater since the age of four. Unsure of his identity, Robbie kidnaps Lady Emma Talbot in a ploy to deliver Henry Flynn, Lord Chesham into Bath’s dark underworld.

A known philanderer, Flynn has lived with a lifetime of guilt. Believing himself responsible for the death of his brother, his indulgence for the wicked is legendary. Sins such as gambling, drinking and carousing were simply a part of life for this man destined for Hell.

Having been warned to stay away from his friends, underage sister, Flynn never forgot the lovely young girl who stole his heart. And, neither did Emma forget the notorious bachelor who made her swoon.

Determined to find the woman he loves and save the brother he thought he lost, Flynn travels into the dangerous squalor of addiction. In the pits of Avon Street, Flynn also finds redemption. Viscount of Virtue is a much better fit, especially for a woman who marries a naughty man.

Happy reading!