Novel Review: Never Trust A Pirate by Valerie Bowman

NTAP cover (2)

Oh…how I love pirates, handsome daredevils, that they are. Naughty by nature with a flair for dangerously sinful desires. My heart always skips a beat when I travel into a pirate’s literary retreat.

Valerie Bowman blew me away with her latest novel, in the Playful Brides Series, NEVER TRUST A PIRATE. Hooked from the opening line, I found it impossible to put this historical romance down. Set in Regency London in 1817, Ms. Bowman penned an intriguing plot filled with scandalous attraction, hidden secrets and page-turning danger.

After his unexpected arrival in London, Cade Cavendish has moved into his twin brother’s estate. Rafe Cavendish, the Viscount Spy, is certain something is amiss upon his brother’s return from the grave. With Cade’s mysterious disappearances and aliases, could he be the infamous Black Fox?

Miss Danielle LaCrosse has some secrets of her own. After securing a position as Daphne Cavendish’s lady’s maid, she plans to make certain that her previous position as a smuggler stays buried in the past. Her newest assignment, monitoring Cade Cavendish, could possibly reveal all when the petite French beauty finds herself lusting after her employer’s handsome brother-in-law.

I hope that this review has whet your appetite. You won’t be disappointed with NEVER TRUST A PIRATE. Please stop back tomorrow to read Valerie Bowman’s thoughts as she answers questions about her newest novel.

Happy reading!