Novel Review: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell


Although she only published one novel, Margaret Mitchell is world-renowned for her epic novel, GONE WITH THE WIND. This classic story centers around the life and times of Scarlett O’Hara. Born into wealth and privilege, Scarlett is a force to be reckoned with after she and her family plummet into the depths of poverty. Unwavering in her quest to save the family plantation, Tara, Scarlett’s fight for survival in the war-torn South is raw and inspiring. Although self-absorbed and lacking empathy for the opinions of others, readers often overlook the fact that Scarlett was a fierce protector of both her family and her land. No matter what trials came before her, Scarlett possessed a grit and determination to be admired.

Along with conveying the socioeconomic and social status of the times, GONE WITH THE WIND offers its readers a dramatic love triangle. Favoring herself in love with Ashley Wilkes, much of Scarlet’s behavior is clouded by her obsessive jealousy of his wife, Melanie. Placid and kind, Melanie overlooks Scarlett’s flaws and as the story evolves, proves to be much stronger than she had been given credit for.

And then there was Rhett Butler. A larger than life character that could make any woman swoon. Who among us isn’t familiar with his famous quote, frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn? I doubt anyone who has watched the movie rendition featuring Vivian Leigh and Clarke Gable hasn’t experienced the rapid fluttering of their heart as Rhett whisks Scarlett from the floor and sweeps her up into his arms. Then proceeds to carry her up the grand staircase to their bedroom. Ahh! How exciting it would be to experience that passionate encounter.

Unfortunately, Margaret Mitchell’s untimely death didn’t allow her to pen another masterpiece. The legacy she left with GONE WITH THE WIND is a priceless literary gem that continues to delight generations. Happy reading!