THE IDEA OF YOU features a beautifully written storyline about the struggles of becoming a mother. With a lifelong desire to have a child, Lucy Carpenter is ecstatic to discover that she is pregnant. Finally, the home she shares with the husband she adores will be complete. With images of a baby girl she lovingly knits items to lavish on her unborn child. This exuberance is short-lived when Lucy suffers from her first miscarriage. In addition to adjusting to her losses, Lucy is faced with the overwhelming demands of becoming a step-mother to her husband’s teenage daughter. 

Written by Amanda Prowse, THE IDEA OF YOU offers its readers an honest raw account full of the expectations and the heart wrenching reality of motherhood. It’s a work of women’s fiction that will resonate with anyone who has had difficulty conceiving, adopting or accepting the loss of a child.

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