Book Review – Love in Lowercase written by Francesc Miralles


What appealed to me about LOVE IN LOWERCASE was the title. The quirky name beckoned to me. I had a strong urge to uncover the meaning of this title. In my opinion, this novel written by Francesc Miralles is a work of literary fiction with romantic elements as opposed to being given a true romance classification. However, I’ve seen the novel categorized both ways. If a classic romance is your thing, LOVE IN LOWERCASE will not be for you. If you’re looking for something a bit different, or shall I say offbeat, then add LOVE IN LOWERCASE to your must-read list.

LOVE IN LOWERCASE offers its readers a glimpse into the lonely life a linguistics teacher, Samuel. On New Year’s Day, Samuel wakes up to embrace just one more routine day. Often this introverted bachelor’s perfectionist ways deter him from experiencing life. It all changes when a stray cat saunters into his aparatment and leads him to form an unexpected friendship with another loner living in the same building. As the friendship blossoms, Samuel flirts with the idea of chance and love. Through this new friendship and his loveable new companion, he begins to take chances even allowing himself to rekindle a relationship with the women who gave him his first kiss when they were 6-years old.

Set in Spain, the setting is lovely along with the references to literature and music. I enjoyed stepping into Samuel’s world, meeting his eccletic friends, and pondering over his interesting philosophies. Is there really such a thing as coincidence?

Happy Reading!



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