It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


0380776839As Phoebe Somerville is well-aware, looks can be deceiving.  After spending 33 years trying to find her own place among society, nothing could have been more awkward than inheriting a failing football team.  She knew nothing of football and never planned to.  Besides if she did, she would fall victim to her father’s overbearing domination.  It wasn’t until the blonde bombshell realized that she could triumph over her father’s cruel manipulation that she reconsidered.

Dan Calebow, The Star’s Head Coach, didn’t have time for an ignorant bimbo’s shenanigans.  All he needed Phoebe to do was sign the contracts; he’d take care of the rest.  Football was his life.  He didn’t need a cheap woman, no matter how beautiful, to get in the way on or off the field.  Just because the buxom blonde with the seductive smile lit a fire within, he knew what he needed.  In his words, the perfect women fulfilled two criteria.  She’d be a cookie baking, baby making woman and that was something Phoebe certainly was not.

Between the covers of book one of the Chicago Stars Series, readers will be meet with a sexually infused romantic comedy written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  “It Had To Be You,” is chock full of desire building tension, heart-wrenching tribulation, and hysterical quick wit.  I’m sure readers will find themselves riveted as this romance unfolds.  The dynamic between Phoebe and Dan is electrifying.  I found myself bewitched by  ultra-masculine Dan and his ability to see beyond Phoebe’s tough, all-talk exterior.  The tender way in which the broad handsome ex-football star cared for the vulnerable Phoebe, was like being wrapped in a warm blanket.  Phoebe’s metamorphosis from being tortured by deep-rooted scars to becoming a self-confident business woman, cannot help but inspire.   I wanted to jump from under the covers and into Dan’s protective embrace.

Happy Reading!