“Sex, Lies, and On-line Dating” by Rachel Gibson

60219Never judge a book by its cover is a rule I seldom tend to follow. I swoon over the scantily clad magnificently chiseled perfection of the “bodice ripping” models enraptured within each other’s embrace. That couple…that hot sexual desire…that’s the fantasy. I’m weak – I simply cannot resist their lustful allure. That was until, my recent jaunt to the local bookstore. Here I passed the time by perusing the hundreds of novels that I’ve either read, plan to read, or have newly discovered. This is how I stumbled upon “Sex, Lies, and On-line Dating” the first book in the Writers series authored by Rachel Gibson. SEX…LIES…ON-LINE DATING… Three things I know quite a bit about.

Lucy Rothschild is a sinfully beautiful blonde who hasn’t had the greatest luck in love. But, on-line dating also wasn’t something she planned on doing to meet her soul mate. Instead, she explored the cyber world of matchmaking as research for her most recent crime novel featuring a female serial killer whose victims succumb to sexual asphyxiation after meeting her on-line. Quinn McIntyre was supposed to be Lucy’s last date. She had compiled all the information necessary to complete her novel. There was just something about Quinn that had intrigued her. So, she decided to meet him. And, agreed to meet him again. Imagine Lucy’s surprise when she realized the “widowed plumber” was simply an alias to conceal Quinn’s true occupation as an undercover cop and she was the prime suspect in the Breathless serial murder investigation!

Anyone who loves romance and adores humor should read this novel. Rachel Gibson’s depiction of on-line dating was spot-on. I know, I’ve tried it both successfully and unsuccessfully. The sexual tension between Lucy and Quinn scorched the page. “Sex, Lies, and On-line Dating” provides a fun, entertaining escape.

Happy Reading!