One again, I found myself swept away by the captivating work of Anna Harrington while I read her latest heartwarming historical romance novel.  In my humble opinion, Ms. Harrington is a truly a gifted wordsmith with a talent for weaving tales focused around the lives of relatable heroines and their leading men.  There is no doubt in my mind, that her name will be listed at the top of several best-seller lists for years to come.

“If The Duke Demands,” is the first novel in Ms. Harrington’s newest series, Capturing the Carlisles.  Sebastian Carlisle, Duke of Trent, was looking for a wife.  The most unlikely candidate, Miranda Hodgkins, just happened to steal his heart.  I hope the synopsis will entice you to delve into this wonderful novel.

A LESSON IN SEDUCTION . . . Miranda Hodgkins has only ever wanted one thing: to marry Robert Carlisle. And she simply can’t wait a moment longer. During the Carlisle family masquerade ball, Miranda boldly sneaks into his bedchamber with seduction on her mind. Soon she’s swept into rock-hard arms for the most breathtaking kiss of her life. But when the masks come off, she’s horrified to find herself face-to-face with Sebastian, the Duke of Trent-Robert’s formidable older brother. Shocked to find Miranda in his bed, Sebastian quickly offers her a deal to avoid scandal: He’ll help her win his brother’s heart if she’ll find him the perfect wife. But what begins as a simple negotiation soon spirals out of control. For the longer this reformed rake tries to make a match for Miranda, the more he wants to keep her all to himself.

 I consider myself extremely privileged to have been chosen to receive an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for my honest opinion on the story.  It is with pleasure that I recommend this novel be added to your must-red list.  There isn’t one thing I didn’t like about this novel.  The love story between Sebastian and Miranda was divine.  I spent hours engrossed in their world excited to witness their story unfold.  On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 you can treat yourself to this fabulous novel.  It will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Google Play and Kobo.

If you cannot wait until Tuesday to get into the action, stop by the release party on Facebook starting at 7:00 pm EST Monday, February 27, 2017.

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2940015827392_p0_v1_s1200x630Big Girls Do It Better written by Jasinda Wilder is a short story which highlights the love life of d.j./singer, Anne who in her size 18 clothing doesn’t quite fit into society’s view of the “ideal” beauty.  When she meets the super-hot singer, Chase, she is convinced that he only wants to have sex with her.  In her mind, she could not understand how a guy that looked like him would be interested in a girl who looked like her.  After a brief sexual encounter, Anne is convinced Chase no longer will be part of her life.  She couldn’t be more wrong.  Chase is the dream man who all woman swoon over.  His sensual words and tender touch prove that he is completely smitten with Anne.  There is only one problem – after a passionate night of love-making, Chase received “the call” he’d waited his entire life for.  The story ended on a cliff hanger – will he accept the chance of a lifetime or stay with the woman he’s learning to love?

If you cannot wait to find out if Anne and Chase continue their relationship, you’ll be delighted to learn that “Big Girl’s Do It Better” is book one of the series.  There are six other stories to enjoy.  I liked the concept of the heroine being a plus-sized women.  I believe that the average woman will be able to relate to her.  Ms. Wilder has a wonderfully humorous voice that tackles the insecurities that many women, both thin and overweight, can relate with. 

If you’ve decided that you are going to purchase a copy of this short story as soon as you finish reading this review, I have a surprise for you.  You can download the short story for free at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Ibooks, and Google Play. 

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0380776839As Phoebe Somerville is well-aware, looks can be deceiving.  After spending 33 years trying to find her own place among society, nothing could have been more awkward than inheriting a failing football team.  She knew nothing of football and never planned to.  Besides if she did, she would fall victim to her father’s overbearing domination.  It wasn’t until the blonde bombshell realized that she could triumph over her father’s cruel manipulation that she reconsidered.

Dan Calebow, The Star’s Head Coach, didn’t have time for an ignorant bimbo’s shenanigans.  All he needed Phoebe to do was sign the contracts; he’d take care of the rest.  Football was his life.  He didn’t need a cheap woman, no matter how beautiful, to get in the way on or off the field.  Just because the buxom blonde with the seductive smile lit a fire within, he knew what he needed.  In his words, the perfect women fulfilled two criteria.  She’d be a cookie baking, baby making woman and that was something Phoebe certainly was not.

Between the covers of book one of the Chicago Stars Series, readers will be meet with a sexually infused romantic comedy written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  “It Had To Be You,” is chock full of desire building tension, heart-wrenching tribulation, and hysterical quick wit.  I’m sure readers will find themselves riveted as this romance unfolds.  The dynamic between Phoebe and Dan is electrifying.  I found myself bewitched by  ultra-masculine Dan and his ability to see beyond Phoebe’s tough, all-talk exterior.  The tender way in which the broad handsome ex-football star cared for the vulnerable Phoebe, was like being wrapped in a warm blanket.  Phoebe’s metamorphosis from being tortured by deep-rooted scars to becoming a self-confident business woman, cannot help but inspire.   I wanted to jump from under the covers and into Dan’s protective embrace.

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60219Never judge a book by its cover is a rule I seldom tend to follow. I swoon over the scantily clad magnificently chiseled perfection of the “bodice ripping” models enraptured within each other’s embrace. That couple…that hot sexual desire…that’s the fantasy. I’m weak – I simply cannot resist their lustful allure. That was until, my recent jaunt to the local bookstore. Here I passed the time by perusing the hundreds of novels that I’ve either read, plan to read, or have newly discovered. This is how I stumbled upon “Sex, Lies, and On-line Dating” the first book in the Writers series authored by Rachel Gibson. SEX…LIES…ON-LINE DATING… Three things I know quite a bit about.

Lucy Rothschild is a sinfully beautiful blonde who hasn’t had the greatest luck in love. But, on-line dating also wasn’t something she planned on doing to meet her soul mate. Instead, she explored the cyber world of matchmaking as research for her most recent crime novel featuring a female serial killer whose victims succumb to sexual asphyxiation after meeting her on-line. Quinn McIntyre was supposed to be Lucy’s last date. She had compiled all the information necessary to complete her novel. There was just something about Quinn that had intrigued her. So, she decided to meet him. And, agreed to meet him again. Imagine Lucy’s surprise when she realized the “widowed plumber” was simply an alias to conceal Quinn’s true occupation as an undercover cop and she was the prime suspect in the Breathless serial murder investigation!

Anyone who loves romance and adores humor should read this novel. Rachel Gibson’s depiction of on-line dating was spot-on. I know, I’ve tried it both successfully and unsuccessfully. The sexual tension between Lucy and Quinn scorched the page. “Sex, Lies, and On-line Dating” provides a fun, entertaining escape.

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