Novel Review: Reckless by Anne Stuart

7715163I’m guilty of having a little shopping addiction when it comes to buying books.  Recently, I discovered a copy of “Reckless,” written by Anne Stuart collecting dust in by bookcase. If you enjoy highly sexual, mysterious, and interesting erotic romance, than do not make the same mistake I did waiting to read this captivating story. 

In “Reckless,” Ms. Stuart takes the reader into the dark, erotic world of the Heavenly Host where awkward, innocent, Charlotte Spencer, is introduced to the pleasures of the flesh by notorious rake, Adrian Alistar Rohan.

I highly recommend this read to lovers of independent, strong-willed women characters. Anne Stuart’s ability to maintain Charlotte’s honor while exposing her secret insecurities was brilliant! Readers will relate to the arrogant Adrian who often appears as a cad when verbally sparring with Charlotte. Much to his surprise and dislike, Adrian finds himself drawn to the unspoken vulnerability of Charlotte Spencer. The addition of an evil cousins vengeance, a sexy ex-priest’s presence, a misunderstood aunt’s protectiveness, and a charismatic friend in the mix and a splendid story was sure to unfold. Oh….lets not forget murder!  Happy Reading!