An Intimate Reflection From An Aspiring Author

An Intimate Reflection From An Aspiring Author:

My metamorphosis from a voracious reader into an aspiring romance author, didn’t evolve overnight.  Instead, this marvelous conception is a process which develops more each day.  This literary rhythmic dance intrigues me.  I’m a student, an artist, and admirer of the written words that grace the page.  In awe, I find myself enmeshed with the plethora of emotions they inflict deep within my core.  How wonderful it would be to share a few moments of this delicious intimacy with my readers.  To touch them in some way, shape or form and for a few moments bring them unbridled joy or peace.

Having been born on April 30, the last day of the fourth month of the calendar year, I was not on the cusp of another astrological sign.  I am a Taurean through and through.  Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, is my ruler.  From birth, I have been ensnared in her web of sensual delight.  Well-renowned for her reputation with sex, fertility, and victory, it is no wonder that I’m enslaved by love.  Romance is by inherent nature the key to my heart.

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