Novel Review: The Girl ON The Train


In earnest, I perused the aisle.  I feel at home, welcome as I wander over the dull-brown surface below my feet.  I have a date – a date with destiny.  My vigilance has become a sacred ritual.  I know that this is where I’ll discover hidden passion, erotic intrigue, and life-long love.  I’ll never find disappointment here.  My fingers reach out in anticipation, but then it happens.  As if a whisper on the wind, it speaks to me.  I glance up and I see it.  Alone.  Featured in all its glory from the endcap across the room.  A non-romance.  A thriller no less.  Its multi-colored façade stimulates my sense.  Why is the white lettering portrayed as a mirage?  More importantly, who is this girl on the train and why should I care about her?  Unable to resist, I pick it up and then I take it home.

From time-to-time, a novel seems to find a way to creep itself onto my bookshelf.  So was the case with “Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins.  This first-time novelist penned a mind-blowing adrenaline rush that I highly recommend.  Ms. Hawkins  is an addictive journey into one woman’s obsessive involvement with a married couple she watches daily from her seat on the commuter train.  Her delusional fascination with the couple is altered when she discovers that their lives may not be perfect, after all.  The sight of another man who could possibly compromise the joy of the happy couple triggers past demons as she struggles with her own sanity.

It may be a stretch but this thriller did teeter with a romantic story line.  It highlighted the darker side of love.  A love gone terribly wrong and the horrors that could result.  Happy Reading!