An Intimate Reflection From An Aspiring Author

An Intimate Reflection From An Aspiring Author:

I’m a creature of habit, not prone to taking chances.  This is especially true when it involves one of my most passionate of pastimes – reading the written world.  Few things are more personal than the intimate connection one forms as they unveil the complexities of a fictional character.  Hour upon hour, I delve deeper into the often harrowing and much hoped for jubilant ending to their life stories. 

With a box of tissues perched on the edge of my nightstand and a stemming cup of tea in hand, I pick up the bound book and allow my fingers to glide over the satiny smooth surface. These few moments of reflection prior to opening the cover, are a blend of nervous anticipation.  I yearn for an exhilarating journey into another world.  What secrets lie within the pages?  Will they change me in some way? 

In my opinion, a good story resonates with us. At its conclusion, we’ve changed.  Perhaps, the tears that dripped endlessly onto the stark white page have dried and we find ourselves lost in the afterglow.  This private gratification that is uniquely your own.  What was it that spoke to you? A raw truth?  A secret desire?  A hidden fear?   Behind the sting of the words, the tender bustle of emotions has been stirred.  The whisper of the words has seared your soul.  You’ll never be the same once you realize you are not alone.  Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “An Intimate Reflection From An Aspiring Author

  1. WOW!! How beautifully you have put the emotions of opening a new book, a new story, a new character and all they involve! You are a brilliant writer!


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