Long, Tall Christmas by Janet Dailey

Cowboys and Christmas – such wonderful images these words evoke.  Janet Dailey’s romantic tale of broken hearts and holiday miracles are sure 23360022to delight readers.  “In Long, Tall Christmas,” Ms. Dailey paints a literary world of love, family, sacrifice and good-will that is sure to melt your heart. 

Ruggedly handsome ex-bad boy turned cowboy, Shane Taggart, thought his lifelong dream of traveling the United States on the back of his vintage motorcycle was all he needed to be happy.  Sure, his dream had been delayed when his father grew ill and Shane took over the daily grind of running a ranch, but now, his vision of freedom was well on its way to fruition.  That was until Kylie Somerfield Wayne ruined it.

Kylie could not believe her bad luck when she ran over Shane Taggart’s most valuable possession in the Shop Mart parking lot.  Although she had not seen him in years, Shane still had the ability to make her heart race with desire.  After her husband’s death, a foreclosure to her home in California, and a relocation to Texas Kyle was not about to let her children have anything less than a perfect Christmas.  Having Shane Taggart in her life was certainly not part of that plan.

“Long, Tall Christmas” offers its readers an old-fashioned storybook romance with a very happy ending.  Happy reading!