Novel Review – The Bookshop On The Corner by Jenny Colgan

After only reading a few black and white words typed on the crisp white page, I was hooked.  Jenny Colgan, author of “The Bookshop on the Corner,” had me right from the 28372019opening paragraph with her dedication to all readers.  Her delightfully comical, yet oh so true, account of a reader’s trials and tribulations in their quest for a heavenly literary nook was hilarious.  I, for one, must admit her observations were spot-on.  And, it was quite nice to know I’m not alone in my crusade to find the perfect place to retreat with my stories.

What unfolded after the delightful dedication was a feast of the senses.  The motivating story of Nina Redmond who overcame all her fears throughout the narrative was rich, heartwarming, and hopeful.  It takes courage to follow your dreams.  Not an easy task.  Especially when you are an unemployed librarian trying to find a job in a fast-moving technology minded society.

Down on her luck and recently evicted, she relocates from her harried life in England into the tranquil laid-back Scotland.  Here is where she will fulfill her destiny.  She uses her savings to purchase an old van that she converts into a mobile bookshop and becomes the talk of the town.  Misunderstood, the shy introvert overcomes her insecurities as she follows her passion.  A passion that transforms her life and gets her noticed by not one, but two leading men.

“The Bookstore on the Corner” is, in my humble opinion, the epitome of what is to become a classic romantic tale.  I breathed right along with Nina during her journey of self-discovery.  I shared her tears and her laughter, her anger and her shame, and her wonder and excitement.  This novel is a must read for anyone who feels that they are existing in a world that has lost meaning.  It brings to light what is truly important – friends, family and a sense of worth.  Remember anything is possible for those who believe.  Happy reading!