Novel Review- One Snowy Night by Jill Shalvis

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you found yourself stranded with “the one” that got away? Would you jump at the opportunity for a second chance or would you do 29505399everything in your power to guard yourself against further heartache? Rory Andrews was about learn the answer to those questions on this frigid Christmas Eve. Financially strapped and determined to return to her hometown, she accepted a ride from Max Stranton, the high school heartthrob who had broken her heart.

This road trip wasn’t exactly a picnic for Max, either. After what Rory had done to him, he still fantasized about a relationship with the sexy no-nonsense beauty. Too bad she preferred the company of his dog, Carl, to his own. Rory and Max, along with Carl who sat in the backseat, were in for one long night as they drove over the snow-covered road. A night that turned into a morning after their overnight stay at a roadside hotel.

“One Snowy Night,” is a quick paced, romantic novella. It’s the perfect read for anyone looking for afternoon retreat. Jill Shalvis penned two characters who are realistic, inspiring, and memorable. Give yourself the gift of a few hours sitting by the fire with this holiday romance. Happy reading!