His Mistress By Christmas by Victoria Alexander

When I think of the characters created by author, Victoria Alexander, two words come to mind – fun and witty. I highly recommend that readers looking for a diversion from the all 10454088too familiar hustle and bustle of the holiday season treat themselves to this exuberant narrative. In “His Mistress by Christmas,” Ms. Alexander penned an enchanting love story chock full of humorous plot twists with delightful surprises.

Lady Veronica Smithson has wealth and all the freedoms that money can buy. She also happens to not only be physically beautiful, but highly intelligent. What she does not possess is a man in her bed – a situation she is soon to rectify. But, not any man will do. If Veronica is going to indulge her sexual desires, it must be with a man who respects her need for independence. Who better than Sir Sebastian Hadley-Attwater, the rogue and adventurer who authors novels in which he writes detailed accounts of his outrageous exploits. With devilish good looks, he is liable to make any women swoon. Even Veronica is not completely unaffected by his tales of intrigue. Only her sights are not set on marriage. Instead, she proposes an offer she is sure he cannot refuse. She intends to be his mistress by Christmas.

I hope I’ve persuaded you to indulge in a few hours of euphoric holiday pandemonium. “His Mistress by Christmas,” is sure to become one of your favorite Christmas treats.