An Intimate Reflection From An Aspiring Author:

I’m a creature of habit, not prone to taking chances.  This is especially true when it involves one of my most passionate of pastimes – reading the written world.  Few things are more personal than the intimate connection one forms as they unveil the complexities of a fictional character.  Hour upon hour, I delve deeper into the often harrowing and much hoped for jubilant ending to their life stories. 

With a box of tissues perched on the edge of my nightstand and a stemming cup of tea in hand, I pick up the bound book and allow my fingers to glide over the satiny smooth surface. These few moments of reflection prior to opening the cover, are a blend of nervous anticipation.  I yearn for an exhilarating journey into another world.  What secrets lie within the pages?  Will they change me in some way? 

In my opinion, a good story resonates with us. At its conclusion, we’ve changed.  Perhaps, the tears that dripped endlessly onto the stark white page have dried and we find ourselves lost in the afterglow.  This private gratification that is uniquely your own.  What was it that spoke to you? A raw truth?  A secret desire?  A hidden fear?   Behind the sting of the words, the tender bustle of emotions has been stirred.  The whisper of the words has seared your soul.  You’ll never be the same once you realize you are not alone.  Happy reading!

Cowboys and Christmas – such wonderful images these words evoke.  Janet Dailey’s romantic tale of broken hearts and holiday miracles are sure 23360022to delight readers.  “In Long, Tall Christmas,” Ms. Dailey paints a literary world of love, family, sacrifice and good-will that is sure to melt your heart. 

Ruggedly handsome ex-bad boy turned cowboy, Shane Taggart, thought his lifelong dream of traveling the United States on the back of his vintage motorcycle was all he needed to be happy.  Sure, his dream had been delayed when his father grew ill and Shane took over the daily grind of running a ranch, but now, his vision of freedom was well on its way to fruition.  That was until Kylie Somerfield Wayne ruined it.

Kylie could not believe her bad luck when she ran over Shane Taggart’s most valuable possession in the Shop Mart parking lot.  Although she had not seen him in years, Shane still had the ability to make her heart race with desire.  After her husband’s death, a foreclosure to her home in California, and a relocation to Texas Kyle was not about to let her children have anything less than a perfect Christmas.  Having Shane Taggart in her life was certainly not part of that plan.

“Long, Tall Christmas” offers its readers an old-fashioned storybook romance with a very happy ending.  Happy reading!


An Intimate Story Of An Aspiring Author:

I believe it was my destiny to become a writer. My love affair with the written word began in the womb. I was but a twinkle in my parent’s eyes, when the newly married couple, rented an apartment in the house Clement C. Moore, who famously penned, “The Night Before Christmas,” had once lived. I am sure this house located in quaint Newport, Rhode Island is the reason why I adore writing small town stories set in picturesque New England.

After only reading a few black and white words typed on the crisp white page, I was hooked.  Jenny Colgan, author of “The Bookshop on the Corner,” had me right from the 28372019opening paragraph with her dedication to all readers.  Her delightfully comical, yet oh so true, account of a reader’s trials and tribulations in their quest for a heavenly literary nook was hilarious.  I, for one, must admit her observations were spot-on.  And, it was quite nice to know I’m not alone in my crusade to find the perfect place to retreat with my stories.

What unfolded after the delightful dedication was a feast of the senses.  The motivating story of Nina Redmond who overcame all her fears throughout the narrative was rich, heartwarming, and hopeful.  It takes courage to follow your dreams.  Not an easy task.  Especially when you are an unemployed librarian trying to find a job in a fast-moving technology minded society.

Down on her luck and recently evicted, she relocates from her harried life in England into the tranquil laid-back Scotland.  Here is where she will fulfill her destiny.  She uses her savings to purchase an old van that she converts into a mobile bookshop and becomes the talk of the town.  Misunderstood, the shy introvert overcomes her insecurities as she follows her passion.  A passion that transforms her life and gets her noticed by not one, but two leading men.

“The Bookstore on the Corner” is, in my humble opinion, the epitome of what is to become a classic romantic tale.  I breathed right along with Nina during her journey of self-discovery.  I shared her tears and her laughter, her anger and her shame, and her wonder and excitement.  This novel is a must read for anyone who feels that they are existing in a world that has lost meaning.  It brings to light what is truly important – friends, family and a sense of worth.  Remember anything is possible for those who believe.  Happy reading!


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you found yourself stranded with “the one” that got away? Would you jump at the opportunity for a second chance or would you do 29505399everything in your power to guard yourself against further heartache? Rory Andrews was about learn the answer to those questions on this frigid Christmas Eve. Financially strapped and determined to return to her hometown, she accepted a ride from Max Stranton, the high school heartthrob who had broken her heart.

This road trip wasn’t exactly a picnic for Max, either. After what Rory had done to him, he still fantasized about a relationship with the sexy no-nonsense beauty. Too bad she preferred the company of his dog, Carl, to his own. Rory and Max, along with Carl who sat in the backseat, were in for one long night as they drove over the snow-covered road. A night that turned into a morning after their overnight stay at a roadside hotel.

“One Snowy Night,” is a quick paced, romantic novella. It’s the perfect read for anyone looking for afternoon retreat. Jill Shalvis penned two characters who are realistic, inspiring, and memorable. Give yourself the gift of a few hours sitting by the fire with this holiday romance. Happy reading!

Sheriff Marshall Bailey did not have time to be home bound with a broken ankle. After all, someone had nearly run him down with their SUV. He had a perpetrator to find and being out-of-work on medical leave was not conducive to cracking the case.
Andrea Montgomery had been manipulated into helping her best-friends brother recuperate from a recent accident. Of course, she had no idea what she was going to have to deal with when she came face-to-face with the prideful Sheriff Bailey. The stubborn man did not easily relinquish control. He would rather suffer in silence than accept help from his beautiful neighbor.

Together a sweet little girl and one charming young boy and their lovely mother managed to find their way into Sheriff Bailey’s heart. They each learned to overcome their past and to love again.

This was the first time I’d read one of RaeAnne Thanyne’s novels. If you are a reader who prefers romances set in a small-town, at Christmastime with a little mystery, then I would recommend this novel to you. Ms. Thayne’s descriptive writing is heartwarming and tender. Happy reading!

When I think of the characters created by author, Victoria Alexander, two words come to mind – fun and witty. I highly recommend that readers looking for a diversion from the all 10454088too familiar hustle and bustle of the holiday season treat themselves to this exuberant narrative. In “His Mistress by Christmas,” Ms. Alexander penned an enchanting love story chock full of humorous plot twists with delightful surprises.

Lady Veronica Smithson has wealth and all the freedoms that money can buy. She also happens to not only be physically beautiful, but highly intelligent. What she does not possess is a man in her bed – a situation she is soon to rectify. But, not any man will do. If Veronica is going to indulge her sexual desires, it must be with a man who respects her need for independence. Who better than Sir Sebastian Hadley-Attwater, the rogue and adventurer who authors novels in which he writes detailed accounts of his outrageous exploits. With devilish good looks, he is liable to make any women swoon. Even Veronica is not completely unaffected by his tales of intrigue. Only her sights are not set on marriage. Instead, she proposes an offer she is sure he cannot refuse. She intends to be his mistress by Christmas.

I hope I’ve persuaded you to indulge in a few hours of euphoric holiday pandemonium. “His Mistress by Christmas,” is sure to become one of your favorite Christmas treats.