A Dangerous Temptation by L.R. Olson

If you are a fan of epic novels, then be prepared to gorge yourself on this novel by LR. 25871622Olson. I know I spent a few sleepless nights absorbed within the saga between shy innocent Julianna and handsome domineering James. In A Dangerous Temptation: Volume 1-3, Ms. Olson weaves a tale of obsessive desire, heartless betrayal, sprinkled with a bit of utter madness. Anything can change in a minute – that’s what Julianna realized after her chance encounter with James. It was simply the beginning of this riveting narrative.

What was unique about A Dangerous Temptation was that each chapter was written from the perspective of James or Julianne. The first-person point-of-view allowed the reader an intimate understanding of the motivating factors driving each character’s actions. Ms. Olson did take some liberties with this novel by not following a rigid historical timeline. However, it worked. It was a perfectly blended delectable feast.

I can’t wait to read it again. I love, love, loved it!!!! Happy reading!