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A Knight’s Bridge Christmas by Carla Neggers

As most of us, I’m always on the go and spend an abundant amount of time driving around 26711332in my Rav 4. Although, my vehicle provides a comfy, smooth ride, it can get rather tedious behind the steering wheel. That was until I discovered that listening to the sometimes calming or at other times exciting lives of fictional characters to be a pleasant way to pass the time.

Recently, I popped A Knights Bridge Christmas written by Carla Neggers into my CD player. Immediately, I was immersed in a classic love story between handsome Logan Farrell and lovely Clare Morgan. As a native New Englander, myself, I simply adored this spot-on depiction of life in a small town community.

In her recently acquired position as director of the local library, Clare’s nervous, quit manner is challenged by the arrogant, self-confident ER doctor from Boston who just happened to be visiting a resident at the assisted living center where she was delivering books. In a tempting twist of fate, Daisy Farrell, the much-loved grandmother of Logan, requests that her home be decorated one last time for the Christmas season. Together, Logan and Clare are exposed to the meaning of love. Just like Scrooge they must face their ghosts from Christmas’s past and present and overcome the ghosts of Christmas’s to come.

A Knight’s Bridge Christmas offers hours of warm, fuzzy delight as this story takes you on a journey of hope, peace and happiness. Anyone who adores small-towns, holiday settings and classic love should give themselves of the gift of reading or listening to this heartfelt story.