Claimed By The Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson

Flirtatious! Enchanting!! Irresistible!!!

29564623Claimed by the Cowboy, written by Sarah M. Anderson for the Desire line published by Harlequin Romance is part of the Dynasties series featuring The Newports.

I am a sucker for second chance romances and this delightfully fast-paced read did not disappoint. It featured straight laced Dr. Lucinda Wilde who was happily married to her job as a cancer specialist in Chicago. That was until Josh Calhoun sauntered into the hospital lobby, anyway. After years of trying to forget his rejection, she finds herself face-to-face with the man who caused her heartache. But Dr. Lucinda Wilde wasn’t the only one who had to come to terms with the past, Josh had some issues to handle as well. Starting with his feelings for Lucinda. He wanted her – wanted her badly just as much now as he did all those years ago. If she could just understand that it wasn’t right for him to become involved with his best-friend’s girlfriend. Things have changed – his friend is gone and there is no denying the heated desire that he retains for “his” Lucy.

If I seem rather enthusiastic about this love story, I am!!! Please do yourself a favor and devour the pages of this book. Happy reading!