Euphoric!  Joyful!!  Uplifting!!!

These are but a few words to describe the latest release, Once A Scoundrel, written by Anna Harrington. 32191367 Once again, Ms. Harrington has penned  a classic historical romance in which the characters literally leap off the page in this fourth installment from the The Secret Life of Scoundrel’s series. This heartwarming novella is a must read for anyone who believes that love really does conquer all.

Reformed rake, Stephen Crenshaw, Marquess of Dunwich, returns from India with one goal in mind – to marry Lady Faith Westover.  But first, he’ll have to prove that he has mended his wicked ways. He is no longer the self-centered young man who took Faith’s love for granted.

It’s not easy to trust the man who stole your heart only to leave you abandoned and alone. This is especially so when you doubt the intentions of the man who claims he is deeply in love with you.  Faith Westover, knows all too well about battles of the heart – she never stopped loving Stephen.  Can she lay her soul bare and grant him a second chance?

You’ll have to read this novella to uncover the answers.  I promise Once A Scoundrel will make your heart flutter.  I was fortunate to receive an advanced reader copy at no cost from the author.  However, I purchased the other three books in the series and just like this novella, they were well worth their weight in gold.  I’m a lifetime fan of Anna Harrington’s written word.  Happy reading!

21942822Sometimes life doesn’t unfold as we’ve planned it and the majority of the time the bumps on the journey lead to a better tomorrow.

Larissa Boyd certainly knows a thing or two about destiny weaving its own path. Spending her honeymoon alone at the romantic La Joya del Mayan resort in Mexico wasn’t part of her picture perfect wedding night. But, neither was meeting Carlos Chavez.

In her contemporary romance, The Unexpected Honeymoon, Barbara Wallace proves that dreams do come true to those who wait. Her authentic portrayal of two wounded souls who find second chance at love and happiness is heartwarming and inspiring. Her descriptive writing style will transport the reader into a tropical paradise.

Do yourself a favor and pick up your copy today. Happy reading!!!

Endearing! Delightful!! Romantic!!!

“Along Came a Rogue” is the second book in Anna Harrington’s The Secret Life of Scoundrels series. Ms. Harrington has a knack of creating engaging characters that stay with you 51cwhfav8hl-_sx308_bo1204203200_long after you have finished reading her books. I promise after reading “Dukes are Forever,” book one in the series, you will be become a fan.

Never truly being accepted by English society in 1816, Major Nathaniel Grey gave little concern about the opinions of others. He had the financial security to secure his place among London’s most elite. That was until he came face-to-face with his best friend’s sister, Emily. The once awkward teenager had transformed into a vision of beauty that he vowed to protect at any price.

Imagine Lady Emily Crenshaw’s shock when she was ambushed by the man who stole her heart at the tender age of sixteen with one kiss. A kiss that came with a huge price. Now, Gray has returned when she least wanted to be found. The price was greater than ever – she had a secret she vowed to protect.

If you have not experienced one of the romantic tales written by Anna Harrington, I cannot help but wonder why. I highly advise you to wait no longer. You are missing out on an epic emotional ride full of twists and turns that will keep you captivated from being to end.

Happy reading!