A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah Maclean

A Titillating Aphrodisiac!!!!

“A Rogue by Any Other Name” is a sinfula-rogue-by-any-other-namely seductive ride into London’s salacious underworld.  Behind it’s doors you’ll experience a wonderland of wickedly wanton vice, a world where poisonous pleasures determine a man’s fate.  With just one roll of the dice, one flick of the wrist, your life will never be the same.  Don’t you want to play?

Michael Bourne lost it all in one enticing a game of chance – his land, his woman, and his position in society.  Years of plotting revenge hardens a man, makes him ready to destroy and conquer.  And that’s just what he plans to do but first he must marry Lady Penelope Marbury.

After being  publicly scandalized by a broken betrothal, Penelope is resigned to live out her life as a spinster.  She refuses to forsake love to marry a man who only wants her for her substantial dowry.   She is looking for “more.”  And that’s just what she gets when fate collides.  An agreement is made – lives will be changed forever.  All with the exchange of the land her father won in a card game for the promise of adventure.

Bestselling author, Sarah MacLean has once again as written an engrossing romance chock full of sexual tension, redemption, and triumph.  “A Rogue by Any other Name” is book one of The Rule of Scoundrels series.  I don’t know about, you but I’m eagerly awaiting a few more tales of the forbidden.  Happy reading! a-roge-inside