Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

th_332fe39f180d0ebc6ff8741c3a439813_1322638297Outlandertpb3wideThis is another one of those page turners that I feel deserves a 5+++++++++ rating. If you have a passion for romance, love history, and enjoy time travel than this is a must read for you. Actually, even if you only like one of these key subjects, I’d still recommend you add this novel to your home library.

I went completely outside the box regarding what “I thought” I would enjoy with this book. I was first told about “Outlander” by a good friend who raved about the high quality and attention to detail in which Diana Gabaldon’s writing style excels. I hate to admit, I wasn’t convinced this would be a story for me. However, my friend’s enthusiasm was a bit contagious and I purchased a copy – it sat in my Nook library for over three years before I decided to give it a try. During a routine visit to my local library, I stumbled upon the large (28 disks to be exact) audio version of this novel. Remembering that I’d heard some women at a writer’s group mention how much they loved the Starz version of “Outlander” on television, my friends high praise, and the fact that I’d invested in the book, I decided now was the time to see what all the hype was about. It cost nothing to borrow the audio version and I reasoned that I would most likely never read the book. Well…….a few minutes in and I was hooked. I literally listened to the story as I drove my Rav 4 and read the book during my free time.

Claire and Jaime shared a love story that transcends generations. I found myself enraptured in the Scottish Highlands in 1743 for hours on end, a box of tissue by my side, as each flip of the page revealed another twist and turn in their epic romance. I dare anyone to read this story and not fall in love with Jaime. He is just the most wonderful man (funny, loving, strong, and handsome). And…..as if Jaime wasn’t enough arm candy for one woman, Claire also loves another handsome intelligent gentleman who she happened to marry and left alone in 1945!

Do yourself a favor – read this novel. I guarantee you will never been the same again. I’m looking forward to experiencing the television version of this love story in the future. I have a feeling I’ll be reading this novel over and over again. Happy reading.Outlander